With the continuous innovation of plate processing and plate production technology

2022-01-13 16:52

Board is a problem that must be involved in the process of home decoration. With the continuous innovation of plate processing and plate production technology, the variety of plate is increasing day by day, which of course provides more choice opportunities for the majority of consumers, but the various decorative plates and environmental protection plates also make people feel at a loss. Blockboard, multilayer board, veneer is the most common decoration, decorative plate, the following on the three kinds of decorative plate for a brief introduction.

1. Blockboard. Blockboard is a solid board composed of core board and surface board. The core board of fine-grained wood board is made by splicing wood strips. Generally, the same tree species or similar tree species are selected. The moisture content of the core board of blockboard should be controlled between 6% and 12%, the width of the core strip should not be more than three times of the thickness, and large cracks and cavities are not allowed. There are two surface panels of fine-grained wood, the one with better quality is called the panel, and the other side is the back plate. The surface plate can be sanding on one side, sanding on both sides or no sanding on both sides. In special cases, the surface plate of fine work board is allowed to be repaired properly. The craft of fine wood board makes full use of the waste materials in wood processing. It is a kind of construction board with large width, moderate thickness and uniform structure.

2. Multilayer board. Multilayer board is sometimes called plywood. It is similar to the fine-grained wood in the manufacturing method and material selection. Both the multi-layer board and the fine-grained wood board are composed of several layers of board. However, the difference between the multi-layer board and the fine-grained wood board is that the multilayer board is not necessarily three-layer, and the thickness of each layer of the multi-layer board is the same. Multilayer board has good structural strength and stability, which is mainly used for the production of wood products such as the bottom plate of decorative panel and the back plate of panel furniture.

3. Panel. Veneer is a kind of decorative plate, including pattern layer, bottom paper layer and decoration layer, which are bonded together by glue. The decorative pattern on the surface of the veneer panel is beautiful, which has a great effect on decorating the living room space.